Kuching Cari Cari

Team Building! Come Make Memories! Have Fun! Lots of Photos!

Join us for an exciting Treasure Hunt and Games Event in Kuching! This action-packed day in the heart of Kuching City is perfect for thrill-seekers, families, and companies looking to strengthen their teams.

Explore the city while engaging in a variety of games and challenges that test your skills and promote teamwork. It’s a unique opportunity for fun, bonding, and building lasting connections. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience—mark your calendars and get ready for a day filled with surprises and laughter!

RM250.00 per team
(2pax, 3pax or 4pax in a team)

  • Fun
  • Make Friends
  • Challenge
  • Lots of Photos
  • Pen / Marker.
  • Extra Clothing
  • Phone / With Internet
  • Cash / E-Wallet


Participants are allowed to be creative on the theme for your own team costume/attire.

**Keep in mind that this event will require participants to run most of the time. Participants are recommended to wear clothing that is comfortable and practical for physical activities such as t-shirts, pants and running shoes.

Open Category

  • RM 1000 Champion
  • RM 700 First Runner Up
  • RM 500 Second Runner Up

Government Agency

  • RM 1000 Champion
  • RM 700 First Runner Up
  • RM 500 Second Runner Up